Urban Habitat Initiatives

Empowering affordable housing practitioners to make green building and climate resilience a reality.

Urban Habitat Initiatives is a preeminent sustainability consulting firm in New England. Urban Habitat Initiatives represents the voice of sustainability in your project throughout its life cycle. We work with a range of clients and teams: community development corporations, real estate developers, environmental health researchers, and affordable housing and sustainability activists. We ensure that green building, health, and sustainability are integral to the planning and realization of their projects and communities.

Kimberly Vermeer

Developing Sustainable organizational strategies

At Urban Habitat Initiatives, we guide you to think green on a larger scale.

We lead your team to create a comprehensive strategic vision and organizational plan that prioritizes sustainable and climate resilient development.


Green Certification

We do the research to make sure your housing project is at the forefront of climate resilient and environmentally friendly design.

We monitor green strategies and certification requirements throughout the design and construction process to ensure that goals are met and you can be proud of your result.

Peer-to-Peer Convening

We use a peer-to-peer model for convenings and education: unlocking the inherent knowledge within a community by creating spaces where people can talk to each other.

Research and Writing

Kim Vermeer’s deep expertise in affordable housing and green building is a crucial asset to research teams’ efforts to define research questions and communicate results to housing practitioners. 

Our Work

We offer deep knowledge of sustainability best practices, certification expertise, and proven facilitation skills. Whether you’re pursuing green certification for a project, committing to forward-thinking organizational strategies, planning a sustainability-themed convening or course, or researching community health, we partner with you to empower you to do work you’re proud of.

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