The Green in Action Podcast has an Integrated Design Moment

The Green in Action Podcast has an Integrated Design Moment

The next two episodes of the Green in Action Podcast are out!

Klara Kaufman


Welcome to the era of Integrated Design! The next two episodes of the Green in Action podcast are ready for your ears. In this new episode and “minisode,” host Kimberly Vermeer (and Urban Habitat Initiatives President) gets into the nitty-gritty of one of the most important sustainable design tools: the integrated design process. So what is the integrated design process, and why is it so important to green building?

The integrated design process creates space for teams to have open dialogue, expanding the vision of their project challenges and allowing for more imaginative solutions. In this transdisciplinary approach, practitioners learn from each other’s perspectives to capture more green potential. The Green in Action episodes explains what this process looks like, how it differs from the standard design process, and gives examples of creative solutions made possible through the integrated design process.

“The integrated design process is an iterative, outcome-based approach that clarifies the project goals and works to align the values of the development team with fundamental design decisions.”
Walker Wells & Kimberly Vermeer
Blueprint Co-authors

Kim and her co-author Walker Wells thought the integrated design process was so important that they dedicated a whole chapter to it in their book, Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing, Revised Edition.

In Getting into Integrated Design, Kim discusses the integrated design process with experts in the field, sharing stories of ambitious green building made possible by interdisciplinary collaboration. Guests include: Tara Barauskas, Executive Director of the Community Corporation of Santa Monica; Ray Demers, Senior Director of Design Leadership Initiatives and Krista Egger, Vice President of National Initiatives at Enterprise Green Communities; Anne Torney, Partner at Mithun; and Walker Wells, Principal at Raimi + Associates and Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing, Revised Edition co-author.

In the minisode, Integrated Design in Enterprise Green Community Criteria, Kim takes a deep dive into  Enterprise Green Communities’ Integrative Design section in their new 2020 Green Communities Criteria. The ten-minute episode features Enterprise experts Krista and Ray, back again after their feature in the Getting into Integrated Design episode. They discuss Project Priorities Survey and describe how the 2020 criteria empower practitioners to design more sustainable buildings and communities.

Whether you’re a green building expert, new to the field, or simply interested in sustainable design, these episodes are worth a listen. Be the first to know about future episodes by subscribing to our email list, following us on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you enjoy the pod, please subscribe, rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, and tell a friend!

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