Visiting 1616 Ocean

The impacts of climate change demand action in every part of life. In the housing industry, there’s a push to build new green, resilient, and healthy homes. But what about the homes that already exist? It would take over 100 years to replace all the old housing with new. Rehabilitating older housing to be more energy and water efficient, healthy, comfortable, and resilient is a key approach as we face this crisis.

2021 Year in Review

Somehow, another year has flown by! With a hopeful start offered by vaccines and a change in the presidential administration, we looked forward to some relief from the COVID challenges of 2020 and chances to reconnect and move forward. And while the COVID story is not yet finished, 2021 did have many good moments.

The Green in Action Podcast has an Integrated Design Moment

Welcome to the era of Integrated Design! The next two episodes of the Green in Action podcast are ready for your ears. In this new episode and “minisode,” host Kimberly Vermeer (and Urban Habitat Initiatives President) gets into the nitty-gritty of one of the most important sustainable design tools: the integrated design process.

Green in Action Podcast is Launched!

After over a year of planning, research, interviews, scripting, and editing, Green in Action is launched! Green in Action, or GinA, dives deep into the successes, innovations, and challenges of green leaders developing sustainable and equitable communities. Join host Kimberly Vermeer, President of Urban Habitat Initiatives, for stories about green leadership in affordable housing.